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TU BI's aesthetic is bold, ironic, and colorful in perfect harmony with the postmodern manifestations of the 1980s. The brand wants to influence the everyday life of its audience who will perceive each work differently, associating it with traditional signs such as a trident, letters of the alphabet, notes, and musical instruments up to spaceships. 

Designed to be individual pieces that express their own uniqueness, they lend themselves to being used as flower vases or large candelabra. They mix together shapes and colors as a complement. With the purchase of more pieces you get combinations that bring out the playful, ironic and dialogical character. 

Each piece is handcrafted in Italy using white earthenware in an enameled finish. Taking advantage of the knowledge of artisan potters, the workmanship follows a process of about a month for each piece, respecting the phases of drying of the clay in casting, the first and second firing, glazing, and the third firing for the application of the logo through the decalcomania. A slow, sustainable process, whose quality is under the continuous control of the designer and the professionals it involves.

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